No Skate, No Life!! Share skateboarding POIS.


noskatenolife is an app for sharing spots where practice skateboard.
I am close to Barcelona so the first places (points of interest) are
about halfpipes and ramps around Barcelona , but you can share points
of your city by clicking in a google maps interface.
Here you can share your ramps , places where practice skateboarding.

No Skate, No Life!! Skateboarding POIS on the phone.

You can use your phone to view this point of interes (POIS) inside your
camera if your device can run Layar.
Layar is a browser of points of interes , you can see points of interest
near you , its a nice experience .
If your phone has layar already installed you can use the next link to view .
Here you can open our layer to view inside Layar .
You can test our basic application for Android , developer version.

No Skate, No Life!! Skateboarding POIS on home.

Here you can see the skateparks list .

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Thanks for your visit , Sk8 or die !!.

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